Michael conducts workshops specifically for the business community.

These programs are tailored to the targeted needs of the particular organization. Here are some examples:

  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • How to connect your customers story with your business
  • Using story to transmit information

Michael also offers storytelling/music programs specifically designed for family audiences, adult groups, seniors and kids. Quite often he includes workshops in conjunction with his performances and programs.


  • How To Tell A Good Story: Learn the basics of successful storytelling, whether the story is to be used as strictly an entertainment, a teaching tool or as a part of a marketing program. People relate to stories and tend to retain information when presented in story form, i.e. the parable.

  • Your Family Stories Need To Be Told: The oral tradition is the way in which family histories have been passed on for generations. Learn the art of taking factual and anecdotal information and turning it into entertaining and educational stories that will inspire and propagate family history.

  • Let’s Write A Story Together: This workshop challenges its participants to compose original stories by using the basic creative tools that are inherent in us all. The attendee explore the fundamentals of taking an idea from concept to completion.

  • What Makes A Story Funny?: In this workshop we explore the elements of humor. We will learn what the elements are that make a story funny and how one goes about finding those elements and using them in story.

  • Finding Your Own Voice: Here we are looking at developing a personal style as well as searching out what type of material might be best suited to the individual.

  • How Creating Stories Can Help Us Understand Ourselves: Organization of personal information in story form is one of the best ways to help recall elements of one’s past and to understand the effects those elements.

  • The Story Behind The Song: Music and story go hand and hand. Here the student will be helped to find ways to include music in his storytelling. Understandably, no all are virtuosos either vocally or instrumentally, but as in musical theatre, a great singing voice or the playing of an instrument is not necessarily a requirement for the successful use of melody and rhythm in performance.

  • Critiquing Our Storytelling: This workshop is just what the title would suggest, the participants perform a story and we analyze and critique what is working about the piece and what might need to be revamped in order to improve the overall effect.

  • The Business Of Storytelling: A nuts and bolts study of how to book performances, what to charge, where to look for opportunities, what to expect out there and how to build a career  taking you from where you are to the next level.

  • Songwriting: This class is intended to help the beginning to intermediate songwriter to improve the quality of their songwriting skills. We explore the elements of good composition. Already written material is examined and ideas for improvement discussed.






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