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Many of you know Michael Reno Harrell as a storyteller, singer songwriter, but he has been a graphite artist since early on. Other than a fifty-years plus life in the entertainment world, Michael has worked in the graphic arts world for much of his life. His talents as a logo designer and an illustrator were put to good use as an art director for major sign companies.  His ultrarealistic drawings have appeared on CD cover art and hang on walls across the country.

Now days Michael specializes in creating works that reflect his penchant for nostalgic items, things that spur memories of a bygone time as well as personal items, especially relating to stringed instruments.

Do you have some special item that you would like to memorialize as a unique piece of art, a pocket watch or a Singer sewing machine, or perhaps a favorite pair of hiking boots?

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  • Let_There_Be_Light
  • Stover's_Pocketknife
  • Fish_Bird_Banjo
  • The_Nickel
  • Tools_Of_The_Trade
  • Power_To_The_People
  • Spring_Fever
  • 1947_D-18_#100579
  • Comic_Book_Reading_Lamp
  • Gettin'_Up_Before_Daylight
  • Keep_'Em_In_Tune
  • 1934_Gibson_L-5
  • Kimmie_2020
  • 8mm_Memories
  • Banjer_Crow
  • 1924_Gibson_F-5
  • Buddy
  • 1960_Les_Paul
  • Still Smokin
  • Fine Old Fiddle
  • Mack_Aint_Here

Peghead Portraits™

Peghead Portraits™ is a way to immortalize your favorite stringed instruments. Michael will create an image of the peghead of your baby from a photograph. Photos should be high resolution and taken from a three quarter or a straight on view. If yours is a vintage instrument, all patina and battle scars will be represented. It is after all a portrait of an individual instrument with character. 

peghead portraits


All drawings are graphite on 11’ x14” acid free, heavy weight, museum quality paper and will be packaged flat, not rolled, and shipped FedEx. Pricing starts at $300 for most instruments. There may be an added upcharge for elaborate inlay or multiple bindings, etc. Packaging, insurance and shipping are an additional $25.

Peghead Portraits™ are a great addition to any music room wall!

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