Some Reviews...

Julie Vidotto-Director of OLLI Clemson University: "We were thoroughly entranced by Michael's ability to weave his intriguing and funny stories and his music into a single delightful flow. Michael draws you in, makes you confortable and by the end of the evening you feel as if you have been friends for years! We look forward to his next time in Clemson!" :"Harrell invites you into his soul rather than merely allowing you to peek through barred windows... "

David Holt, 4-time Grammy Winner:
"Michael Reno Harrell is one of those natural born Southern musicians and storytellers who is filled with wit, charm and surprises. Whether the story is in song or narrative, Michael will draw you in and entertain you, all the while making you feel right at home."

WNCW Radio:
Michael Reno Harrell has been at the forefront of WNCW's regional music scene since the late '90's. His storytelling, wit, and Americana sound make him a true treasure of the Southeast and of all the artists we hang our hat on. Michael's name has become as well-known and respected among core WNCW listeners as Guy Clark's and Robert Earl Keen's.

Song of the Mountains:
Lincoln Theatre, Marion, VA — "You are absolutely my favorite singer/songwriter. Keep it up! Thanks for doing our show!" Tim White

The Charlotte Observer:
Michael Reno Harrell is a classic storyteller with a voice that's part Marty Robbins, part John Prine. There's an organic timelessness to his songs, whether he's rushing through a classic on-the-run tale or quietly mourning a long-dead friend.

Country Music Today:
"Michael Reno Harrell writes like a jeweler might work on a watch; Every piece has its place..."

Aaryn Birchell - Director-Vernal UTAH's Storytelling Festival

"With a tangled room of teenagers and teachers, Michael had us all on the edge of our seat as he sat down right amongst us to tell a story that many of us know but have never heard before. 

It was a beautiful experience to hear Michael's story blend from demonstration, to story, to music that continued to tell the message straight to our hearts.  My heart felt as if it would burst, the laughter at the perfect moment just intensified the poignant message, and the tears in my eyes just could not hold it all in."

Smith Moore LLP Attorneys at Law:
"Thanks you again for the fantistic program that you provided. What a morale booster it was for the entire company. Thanks for making all that happen!"

Lynn White Savage - Librarian Coordinator, Bruce Drysdale School, Hendersonville, NC:

"Michael mesmerized the 4th grade students with his songs and stories and inspired the writers and singers within them. His songs have a quality of truth and an insight into humanity that reminds me of Carl Sandburg's poetry."


Special Private Christmas House Concert:
"Just wanted to let you know that we are still receiving cards and letters of thanks about your concert. Such quotes as, 'I really needed that' ... 'I can't remember when I've had so much fun' ... 'the most I have laughed in years' ... 'might be the best Christmas present ever' ... 'better than any present under the tree' ... 'Where did you find him? He was wonderful' ... 'Let us know if he is going to appear in the area, would like to see him again.' It goes on and on. THANKS for a great evening." Art Williams

Dirty Linen Magazine:
"Harrell's deep soothing voice carries you through a journey filled with family, lovers, moonshiners, dreamers, and most of all journeys."




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